You'll learn all of the in's and out's of joining this recession proof industry.

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Bay Area Reporter:

“…an addictive, impressively polished book that is fun, straightforward, informative and written with a lighthearted quality...curious porn fans will enjoy his blunt-jokey delivery of facts and insider details…Donner has paved the way with a fun and insightful approach to getting laid on camera.”

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"Highly Recommended!" It is a must- read for all porn fans, those with aspirations and those without, because Donner's writing style is delightful and breezy."

Literary Pride:

“I had a great time reading this book! We get helpful hints, inside information, stories from biggies in the industry, tips and lots of laughs.”

An informative and hilarious how-to guide, taking you step-by-step through the process.

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Award-winning adult video director Mike Donner shows you how to become a giant in the gay video industry. Loaded with humor and insider knowledge, you’ll laugh while you learn the ins-and-outs of the biz. With on-set stories and tips from industry legends, Mike Donner’s How to be a Gay Porn Star is a must-have for anyone entertaining, or entertained by, the dream of becoming the next gay superstar!


You’re a giver. You were meant for a higher calling, to return back some of the godly gifts the universe has bestowed upon you. What better way than to share with the world the beauty of your penis and buns?

The stigma of doing porn is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Like tattoos, what was once a poor decision made during a drunken weekend is now viewed as a daring lifetime commitment to your aesthetic self. You are not a slut but an artist, waiting to smear yourself on the canvas of life.

With the internet, everyone can now do a porn video. But there is a significant difference in being a blurry, 3” x 5” image lost amongst millions of other internet clips, and being a true star in the pantheon of porn greats. Studio-made videos are geared to making a profit, and that involves marketing, advertising and a long shelf-life. Your image may be plastered in magazines and DVD racks throughout the world, for years to come. You will be recognized.

While performing in an amateur or home-made video can be a quick way to lose your day job, performing in a studio-made video can be the beginning of a lucrative career.

Tip 1: If you plan on ever having a “real” life in the public eye, forget it

The country is not ready for its first porn president. Even the PTA frowns on its leaders being filmed sucking dick. If you have political or papal aspirations, try a different career direction.

Tip 2: If you don’t think anyone will find out, you’re wrong

I knew a man who, in his younger days, had done a layout for a magazine called “Slutty Blonds.” Years later, after becoming head of programming for a major company, a flunky found his layout and shared it with his coworkers. It’s hard for your team to take you seriously after they’ve seen you with a rubber ball up your ass.

Tip 3: Watch cam boys first to see how they do it

If you are not sure if you are capable of acting in front of camera you should watch or even become a model on CameraBoys first as these guys are performing to attract men on live webcams and training to get used to be watched while being naked, it is a good way to practice before you begin your career in film and learn.

Tip 4: If you’re looking for a boyfriend, try church

You’ll have more luck having a relationship with a priest than a porn star. Wait until they, and you, have left the business before settling down. That way, when they fuck around, it can’t be justified as bringing work home from the office.

Tip 5: Do it for fun, not for fame

The chances of making it big are small. There are better ways to get your fifteen minutes. Like dangling a small child over a balcony, or jumping a presidential motorcade. I don’t recommend either.

Tip 6: Use your money to go to nursing school (or something like it)

The average porn star’s career is short-lived (although his work lives on through eternity). Use your income to get a real job. Nurses make great money and wear a cool outfit (who else gets away with white after Labor Day?). Plus, patients often remember their hot, hunky nurses in their wills.

Tip 7: If you’re not an exhibitionist, stay in hiding

Porn is not for the shy. It’s for those who fully believe in the glory of their body (whether they should or not…) and want everyone to see the beauty that is them.

Tales from Daddy Donner
In my position as ‘new talent coordinator’, I rarely had to go out to find hot guys for the videos. They came to us. There was only one guy, in my career, that I approached to model. That was Dean Phoenix. He was working as a bar back in a club in San Diego . I knew the moment I laid eyes on him he’d be a huge hit. His smile, the way he held himself (a former H.S. wrestler) but with an air of shyness. He thanked me for my business card and I never heard from him; that is, until one year later. He took that long to think about it. He came in, interviewed and said he’d like to give it a shot. The rest was award-winning history for Dean.
I was warned and didn’t listen. If you’re a smart lad, you’ll find out all about the industry, what you like about it and what you don’t. -- Dean Phoenix dean phoenix
It helps if you already know a model, director or producer. They can move you to the front of the large stack of photos received every day, and they can be honest and tell you if your look will work! -- Justin Wells justin wells
Don't start unless you have a regular job. 
It's not a career!
-- Rod Barry
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$12.95 / paperback

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